What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs

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What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs
By John D. Morris, Ken Ham, Jonathan Chong

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The book that rewrites the fiction of secular dinosaur lore. Beautifully illustrated, highly imaginative. Takes young, inquisitive readers on a pre-flood journey through God's creation. Travel side by side with Tracker John and his pet dinosaur DJ! Children will love the heartwarming story and fun-filled adventure. Adults will appreciate the scientific teaching of a biblical alternative.

32 pages • 8-1/2 X 11 • Casebound

About the Author:
John Morris, Ph.D., is president of the Institute for Creation Research in El Cajon, California and has a Ph.D. in geology from the University of Oklahoma. He is a popular speaker and author and in addition to his writing and research, has searched Turkey’s Mt. Ararat several times for Noah’s ark.

ISBN-13: 9780890511596

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